Private or group excursions. what are the differences?

Private or group excursions. what are the differences?

Many tourists who have been traveling for a long time and are often accustomed to using the traditional way of organizing sightseeing tours – group tours. This method, which has been worked out over the years and has become essentially international, involves the collection of tourists from all hotels, also depending on the geography of travel, from all cities, states, emirates, etc. A poor tourist, in order to enjoy the beauties of a country or place of stay, get interesting information endures all the “charms” of group tours.

  1. He gets up early (If the collection starts from his hotel), there is a “+” here, you can take a comfortable seat.
  2. Spends time for the guide to collect everyone. (Bus capacity 25-45)
  3. Considering that the group of tourists on such excursions is 25-45, our tourist may not see or hear what he wanted, or maybe he dreamed of seeing or hearing ….
  4. Gets to the hotel only after everyone was taken away. Now this “-“. Because after the impressions received, I want to relax. And the children, who were taken on a tour by their parents, did not behave very well …

As a result: the mood is spoiled, the money spent is a pity, the photo session was not successful …. Of course, over time, negative emotions pass. There are only pleasant memories of visiting a particular attraction. The “charms” of group tours have a completely acceptable alternative, these are individual or author’s tours. Tourists are frightened by the very definition of “individual or author’s excursions.” They immediately present an arrogant guide who sets a high price for his services. But this is far from true! These are the same guides who lead group tours. Individual differ from group ones in that I pick you up from the hotel at a time convenient for you, the route can also be discussed in advance. The group of tourists can be either your company or relatives with whom you are relaxing. And how convenient it is when children rest with you! You will not cause any inconvenience to anyone, and your child will feel more comfortable, because there will not be a large crowd of people. The benefits are obvious:

  1. In the car, only you and your relatives or people close to you.
  2. You are not waiting for anyone. They are waiting for you.
  3. See the attraction from the angle that is convenient for you for a photo and for review. The guide is perfectly audible and you can not hesitate to ask a question if something is not clear.
  4. Come to your hotel rested, full of impressions.

Well, what about the money spent? Nothing more if you went on a group tour. Have a nice holiday, great experience.

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