Transfer or taxi to the airport: which is better?

Transfer or taxi to the airport: which is better?

Transfer and taxi services are similar in purpose, but completely different in content. In this article, we will try to find out how a transfer differs from a taxi, and which of these services will be more comfortable and reliable.

Main differences

  • A taxi performs the function of transporting passengers at a set rate and is usually provided immediately after receiving an application. The transfer is carried out by prior order with the obligatory determination of all possible nuances.
  • Taxis are not always served on time. This is especially frustrating when you are late for an important meeting or plane. If you arrange a transfer service in advance, this guarantees you one hundred percent car delivery.
  • Most often, we choose a taxi by chance, and a car submitted for a call is a lottery. Transfer services are provided by trusted rental companies that guarantee the safety of their passengers and the quality of service.
  • The main goal of any taxi driver is to transport a passenger from point A to point B. The functions of a driver of a transfer company are much more extensive and may include: meeting a client and helping with luggage, for example, when transferring to the airport; selection of the most optimal and shortest route, taking into account maximum safety; planning stops along the way for a long trip; for non-residents or foreigners – a sightseeing tour of the area, if we mean transfer from the airport or train station, as well as general recommendations regarding your stay in the country / city; assistance with accommodation (if transfer to the hotel is provided).
  • Most modern taxi services work on the terms of providing information services. That is, when accepting an order for a trip, they just transfer it to any free driver. At the same time, drivers do not pass special checks (the list of requirements for employment is catastrophically small). Transfer companies strictly certify their employees. Moreover, such attestations have two stages: verification of the required level of driving skills for passenger transportation and a medical examination to guarantee the complete safety of customers.

Why transfer?

  • Clients who are accustomed to efficiently spend time and money, as well as taking care of their own safety and comfort, are increasingly opting for a transfer. This can be explained by a number of advantages of this service.
  • When ordering a transfer service, you yourself determine at least the class of car: for example, economy, business or premium. It is this vehicle at the specified time and in the right place that will be waiting for you with a driver.
  • A guarantee of cleanliness and a presentable appearance of the car, as well as a neat driver who accompanies you to the car.
  • If you need to meet foreign partners at the airport, you can ask the company to provide an English-speaking driver.
  • You can pay for transfer services not only in cash, but also by bank transfer, drawing up an agreement for a legal entity.
  • The transfer service is a guarantee of getting a quality and safe trip by car, for the maintenance of which the company, and not the individual driver, is responsible.
  • Most often, a transfer is ordered if necessary to get to or from the airport; however, this service will be relevant for any trips over long distances, for example, from one city to another. If there is a need to move a group of more than four people, then you can order not a passenger car, but a comfortable minivan or minibus.

What is more profitable?

The taxi service will be convenient if you need a car in the near future and you are ready to wait a bit. In addition, in monetary terms, it is often much cheaper than a transfer. However, this does not always work out:

  • if your plane is delayed, then in most companies you will have to pay for a simple taxi right away. Transfer companies often provide some free waiting time;
  • taxis are almost always paid for by distance, but for transfers around the city a fixed rate may apply. Thus, if you need to go to a neighboring area, then a taxi will cost less, but when you need a trip from one end of the city to the other, a transfer can be much more profitable.
  • On the other hand, the transfer, although it costs more in most cases, provides the client with much more comfort, reliability and prestige.

Transfer or taxi to the airport


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