Athens Airport to Aeolos Hotel Transfer

Athens Airport to Aeolos Hotel Transfer

Aeolos Hotel: A Seaside Retreat in Chorefto

Nestled in the heart of Chorefto, Aeolos Hotel offers a perfect blend of comfort, tradition, and scenic beauty. Situated just 20 meters from the sandy beach, this charming hotel provides an ideal escape for travelers seeking tranquility by the Aegean Sea. With its pool, poolside bar, and self-catered accommodations, Aeolos ensures a memorable stay for every guest.

Charming Accommodations

The accommodations at Aeolos Hotel are designed to provide a cozy and relaxing environment, reflecting the traditional décor of the region. Each unit features stone-paved floors, air conditioning, and a seating area with a comfortable sofa and a flat-screen TV. The warmth of the fireplace adds a homely touch, making it perfect for both summer and winter stays.

Self-Catered Comfort

Guests can enjoy the convenience of self-catering with the well-equipped kitchenettes in each unit. The kitchenettes include cooking hobs, a fridge, and a dining area, allowing guests to prepare their own meals if they wish. This feature is particularly appreciated by families and those who prefer the flexibility of cooking their own meals during their stay. The dining area provides a cozy space to enjoy a meal with views of the garden or the Aegean Sea.

Athens Airport to Aeolos Hotel Transfer

Stunning Views

Each unit at Aeolos Hotel boasts a balcony or patio, offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea or the beautifully maintained rose gardens. These private outdoor spaces provide a perfect spot to relax and soak in the serene surroundings. Whether it’s enjoying a morning coffee with a sea breeze or unwinding with a book in the garden’s tranquility, the views from the hotel are sure to enhance the overall experience.

Relaxation by the Pool

The outdoor pool at Aeolos Hotel is a focal point for relaxation and socializing. Guests can take a refreshing dip in the pool or lounge on the sunbeds around it. The poolside bar offers a range of refreshing drinks and light snacks, making it an ideal spot to unwind after a day of exploring Chorefto and its surroundings. The combination of the pool, bar, and the proximity to the beach ensures that guests have multiple options for leisure and relaxation.

Exploring Chorefto and Beyond

Chorefto, with its sandy beaches and scenic landscapes, offers numerous opportunities for exploration and adventure. Guests at Aeolos Hotel can enjoy long walks along the beach, water sports, and visits to local attractions. The hotel’s central location makes it easy for guests to explore the village and its cultural landmarks.

Private Taxi Transfers Services

To enhance the convenience and comfort of guests, Aeolos Hotel offers private taxi transfer services. These services are designed to provide seamless transportation to and from the hotel, as well as to other destinations in the area.

Efficient Transfer Services

The private taxi transfer services at Aeolos Hotel ensure that guests can travel effortlessly and comfortably. Whether arriving from the airport, heading to nearby attractions, or exploring other parts of Pelion, the transfer services provide a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. Professional drivers ensure safety and punctuality, allowing guests to focus on enjoying their stay.

Comfortable Vans for Group Travel

For families or groups, Aeolos Hotel offers spacious and comfortable vans. These vehicles are ideal for group transfers, providing ample space for passengers and luggage. Whether it’s a family outing to a local attraction or a group excursion to explore the scenic beauty of Pelion, the vans ensure a comfortable journey for everyone.

Luxury Taxis for Individual Travelers

For individual travelers or couples, the hotel provides luxury taxis. These taxis offer a sophisticated and comfortable ride, featuring modern amenities and a smooth travel experience. Whether guests need transportation for business meetings, leisure activities, or special occasions, the luxury taxis ensure a premium travel experience.

Convenient Local Exploration

With the private taxi transfer services, guests can conveniently explore Chorefto and its surroundings. The local attractions, including picturesque villages, beaches, and historical sites, are easily accessible. The flexibility of the transfer services allows guests to tailor their travel plans according to their preferences, making it easy to discover the hidden gems of the region.


Aeolos Hotel offers a unique and delightful stay in the beautiful coastal village of Chorefto. With its traditional décor, modern amenities, and stunning views, the hotel provides a perfect retreat for relaxation and exploration. The convenient self-catered accommodations, relaxing pool area, and efficient private taxi transfer services ensure that guests have everything they need for a memorable stay. Whether you are visiting for a tranquil beach vacation, a family getaway, or a romantic escape, Aeolos Hotel promises a delightful and unforgettable experience.







Athens Airport to Aeolos Hotel Transfer

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